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Our Vision

TUNAP contributes to a better world by developing sustainable solutions in the areas of cleaning, protection and care.

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TUNAP Mission

With products for a wide range of industries and applications TUNAP improves the daily life of people.

We dekiver intelligent products, quality applications and services far beyond our customer's expectations.

We provide customized solutions in respect of personal well-being and a health and safe environment.

TUNAP Values

  • In dealings with our customers and partners we are reliable, quick and professional.
  • Long-term partnerships form the basis of our success.
  • We act in a responsible, direct and predictable manner.
  • Our style of work is characterized by appreciation and respect.
  • We support each other and learn from each other.
  • We are successful because we promote and honor performance and personal engagement.
  • We see growth and change as an opportunity and challange.

TUNAP works.

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