Our Product Heroes against the Corona-Virus

Our Product Heroes against the Coronavirus

Corona: How to Make the Virus Harmless

Protect Your Health: No Problem with the Proper Claning

TUNAP Product Heroes against the Coronavirus: They Can Do It!

Corona Virus

Corona: How to Make the Virus Harmless

SARS-CoV-2, colloquially called (new) coronavirus, is an infectious particle that requires a host cell to reproduce. The coronavirus is a so-called enveloped virus, since it is surrounded by a fat envelope with proteins. Inside is the RNA - the genetic information of the virus.

Transmission Routes of the Dangerous Coronavirus

The transmission takes place from person to person. The best-known route of transmission is via the so-called droplet infection when sneezing or coughing. However, contact transfers through contaminated surfaces or air transfers are also likely. Overall, the following applies: Wherever an infected person is or has been, transmission is possible.

For motor vehicles, this means that new viruses can be brought into the interior each time you get in - especially if vehicles are not used alone. For car dealerships and workshops, this means making the public space hygienically calculable. In both cases, it is very important to clean regularly and preferably once too much rather than too little.

Two Ways of Rendering the Coronavirus Harmless


There are different ways to eliminate the coronavirus: The following two are based on a surfactant and alcohol based cleaning formulation.

Surfactants in Detergents

The tensides attack the fat coat of the coronavirus so that it can no longer multiply. Dirt, viruses and bacteria are removed.

Alcohols in Detergents

The effect of alcohol-based disinfectants is even more effective in comparison. It is based on the non-specific destruction of the protein function of the virus, which causes them to die.

Protect Your Health with Proper Cleaning

Effective cleaning is essential for hygienic cleanliness - even in the car. In addition to an effective detergent based on surfactants or alcohol, three other factors play a favorable role: time, temperature and mechanics.

The Sinner Circle

Named after the surfactant mechanic Herbert Sinner, the Sinner Circle is an established mechanism of action in the cleaning process, on the basis of which we develop our cleaning products at TUNAP. The following four factors can be used in different intensities on the surfaces to be treated:

Sinner Cricle

The Four Factors

1. Detergent

  • Chemical effects kill microorganisms
  • Dissolves dirt and keeps it in suspension for effective cleaning

2. Mechanics

  • The application of force (e.g. by sponges, brushes, liquid or gas pressure) to surfaces reduces the exposure time

3. Time

  • A longer exposure time favors the cleaning effect (by killing microorganisms)

4. Temperature

  • Heat removes dirt more easily
  • However, heat also harbors dangers (e.g. risk of burns, surface damage)
  • TUNAP products are used at ambient temperature

The Intensity of the Individual Factors

If you increase the intensity of one factor, the proportion of the other three decreases: For example, reduce the mechanical force by a longer exposure time of the cleaning solution.

Don't forget Cleaning Utensils

  • Work gloves / disposable gloves to protect the hands
  • Safety glasses prevent eye irritation
  • Mouth protection as a prevention against odors, vapors and cleaning liquids
  • Sponge for gently spreading the detergent or for stubborn dirt
  • Microfiber cloth for wiping or distributing the cleaning agents

Download: Flyer "Corona Special"

The most important information in the practical A4 flyer at a glance:

  • Products that make the Coronavirus harmless
  • Product highlights and special properties
  • Areas of application in your vehicle

From now on, ensure that the vehicle interior is virus-free and completely clean.

Corona Virus

The TUNAP Product Heroes against the Coronavirus

Viruses and bacteria lurk almost everywhere in the car - not only in the visible area, but also in built-in parts or even in the air inside the vehicle.

With the proper cleaning and hygiene products from TUNAP, viruses and bacteria in your car don't stand a chance - for a hygienically clean vehicle interior that protects you.

Virus Hotspots: Here the Viruses Lurk in the Car

Your vehicle's air conditioning

Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning

After a short time, particles from the ambient air are inevitably stored in the

  • Air conditioning evaporator,
  • in the pollen filter box as well
  • in the pollen filter of your car.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi get into the vehicle interior via the ventilation system and can pollute the air we breathe and thus the health of the occupants. Be sure to have these areas cleaned regularly.

In the Vehicle Interior

In the Vehicle Interior

Viruses and other contaminants can quickly accumulate inside the vehicle

  • steering wheel,
  • door handle,
  • shift knob or on
  • lower the cockpit controls.

Viruses are distributed throughout the interior by droplets when coughing or sneezing, but also by smear infection when touching the respective surfaces.

Products against Corona

Product Heroes against Corona

TUNAP works. Be it in the area of ​​the air conditioning system or on the surfaces in the vehicle interior: when it comes to interior hygiene, we leave nothing to chance.

We have used our technical expertise and our decades of experience in the disinfectant and cleaning sector to develop a holistic concept for health protection in the vehicle interior.

Product Heroes against the Coronavirus: Areas of Application

Air conditioning and pollen filter box

Air Conditioning and Pollen Filter Box

Clean breathing air in the car: with hygienic cleaning for pollen filter boxes and vaporizers - without allergy-causing fragrances and dyes.

994 Hygiene Cleaner for AC Systems
996 Hygiene Cleaner for Pollen Filter Box

vehicle interior

Vehicle Interior

Novel interior cleaner for plastic, glass and textile surfaces. Fast action and high cleaning performance due to foaming. Without allergy-causing fragrances and dyes and NSF certified.

909 Interior Complete

Air Sanitizer

Air Sanitizer

Eliminates unpleasant odors in the footwell areas quickly and sustainably - through automatic emptying with an odor absorber formulation. Thanks to its high ethanol content, it has a hygienic effect, leaves a pleasantly fresh mint fragrance and is free of perfume oils. Contains environmentally friendly blowing agents and is free of R134a.

589 Air Sanitizer

Hand and Surface Disinfection

Hand and Surface Disinfection

2-in-1 hand and surface disinfection is effective against (Corona) SARS-CoV-2 after only 30 seconds.

5880 Hand and Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Disinfectant for all washable objects and surfaces. The highly efficient formulation disinfects glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Tested effectiveness against (Corona) SARS-CoV-2 after 2 minutes.

5180 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Download: Flyer "Corona Special"

The most important information in the practical A4 flyer at a glance:

  • Products that make the Coronavirus harmless
  • Product highlights and special properties
  • Areas of application in your vehicle

From now on, ensure that the vehicle interior is virus-free and completely clean.